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About Brad Morley

About Brad Morley

Brad Morley has been operating in the food and wine industry for more than 20 years. Before launching CANA Wine Company, Brad spent the past two years building his previous company, Barrique International, into a world class, multi-million dollar private client (referral-only) wine business that specialized in buying and selling fine and rare vintages. Prior to Barrique International, Morley ran WineDoor, yet another successful fine wine retail organization specializing in rare and collectable wines. Previous to WineDoor, he was a top on-premise wine specialist for a major wine supplier in New York and worked with some of the top restaurants in the world. Brad began his career in the food and wine industry as the Founder and Manager of Fratelli's of New York, a successful Wine Spectator award-winning restaurant, before selling it to focus 100% of his time and energy on his number one passion – wine.

Brad is well known throughout the industry and has built a stellar reputation both on the buy and sell sides. He continues to be a key advisor to private collectors around the world seeking investment grade wines and older vintage, everyday drinking wines through Cana Wine Company.

Ullage, Bottle Descriptions & Summary - Abbreviations

Older wines often have conditional issues. Cana Wine Company is committed to providing you extremely accurate information regarding conditions so that you can make informed purchases. This page describes our coding for conditional issues.

Please note: Wines with no comments are considered “excellent/pristine”