Art and Accessories

Thomas Arvid

We are so pleased to announce CANA Wine Co. is now the exclusive worldwide online retailer for Thomas Arvid.  Arvid, a Georgia native, possesses an unerring ability to refine a moment. In doing so, he captures our wonder and has become an art world phenomenon. Art Business News (May 2003) credits him with “launching a major art trend . . .” with his oversized still-life compositions of wine and the rituals surrounding it. Arvid astounds viewers with the intricate details of his images and with his mastery of light, depth, and reflection.

While Thomas' photorealistic paintings are extraordinary, they are more than just artwork. His precise strokes showcase wine as more than a product itself, but as the element of culture and memories made. Thomas' love for wine goes hand and hand with Brad's. They share the appreciation of fine wines, but more importantly, the memories that follow sharing a bottle. Wine is not just a product, it is an experience, and we would love to share that experience with you...