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Olive Oil

About Casa Pietraia from Matteo...

We have chosen to be organic and not to use pesticides and chemicals to respect the environment and because we believe that oil should not only be good but also healthy. 

The olives are picked and taken to the mill on the same day where they are pressed mechanically in the latest generation of mills.  The oil is then filtered to prevent any residues from fermenting and spoiling the taste. It is clear with a hint of yellow and reflections of green, with fruity fragrance and scents of artichoke, grass and fresh almond. 

The taste is fresh and spicy with a bitter touch that creates an elegant and harmonious structure.


Jodi’s Story

“A few years ago I realized in my travels abroad I acquired a passion and taste for rich, fresh, and delicious olive oil. My passion led me to be one an Olive Oil Sommelier and start importing the best olive oils from around the world. I asked my friend Matteo Nutini who lives in Tuscany with a small family olive and honey farm to submit his olive oil to the New York Olive Oil Competition in 2018. Matteo is a small producer and had never submitted to a competition before but decided to participate with my help. AMAZINGLY HE WON BEST IN CLASS for robust, organic olive oil!!!

Quality olive oil contains high levels of polyphenols that have some of the best anti-inflammatory effects and vitamins to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. The average Italian consumes 15-20 liters of olive oil in a year. Greeks consume a whopping 25 liters!! I continue to curate a collection of olive oils that provide great taste and health benefits."