Sell Your Wine or Spirits!

CANA Wine Company is one of the largest buyers of properly stored wines in the world. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge in helping customers quickly and easily navigate the sales process. Our goal is to make you happy and refer friends to either buy or sell their wines with us.

Selling your wine with us is a smart alternative to sending it to auction. With Cana Wine Company, there are no hidden fees or seller's premiums, and no waiting for the next auction for your bottles to sell. We will offer you a firm price for your collection and a guaranteed time of payment.

We buy wine cellars of all sizes, from one bottle to entire collection, as long as the provenance can be proven and the quality of the wine is excellent. We also work with customers on a consignment basis if that makes more sense in marketing your unique collection.

To get started create a list of all the wines you are looking to sell. Excel is best but you can send to us in any format. Please include the following information for our review: